Pink Flamingo Part Co. Gift Guide: Bride to Be


Brides to Be and Engaged people of 2020, certainly need presents after this year! This list was lots of fun for us to create, and we hope you are inspired to get some awesome stuff for your friends. 

1: We really do love unique cards here. This Lets Celebrate greeting card is hand drawn and printed, here in the USA. We love it because it is blank inside, and really versatile for all bridal and wedding activities from freshly engaged to wedding day! 

2: One day we will all travel again, and when that day comes, the last thing you want is someone stealing your luggage. These Fillmore Vegan Leather Luggage Tags  from Mark and Graham are monogrammed and customizable so whoever owns them, will never have their luggage stolen again. 

3: The Interactive Wedding Guest Book  is both a fun and functional wedding shower gift. The pages are meant for guests to do more than simply sign your book, but to participate and have some fun, so the happy couple can look back on the memories of everyone who came. 

4: Another favorite from Mark and Graham is this monogrammed Round Travel Jewelry Case perfect with slots for new rings! Made with vegan leather, this case also comes with special hooks and loops so your jewelry stays organized and tangle free while traveling. 

5: At Pink Flamingo Party Co., we LOVE our big novelty balloons. This champagne bottle balloon and engagement ring balloon, are the perfect decor for taking pictures and making Tik Toks at a Bachelorette party. 

6: Every Covid bride needs face masks these days, so why not make them sparkle?! These sparkly sequined face masks are so perfect for the bachelorette weekend, the bridal shower, and even the reception. We love them and would like all three, please!

7: Temporary tattoos are a great way to have some fun with no regrets! Feel free to get wild with tattoos of champagne and lips, knowing they will soon wash away. This Bride To Be tattoo pack is perfect to put on with your girls. 

8: Every bride needs a tumbler with their new name on it! Our customizable skinny stainless steel tumblers come in different colors, fonts, and font color options. My favorite is the white tumble, with chrome gold number three letters! Whats yours? 


Let us know what you think of our gift guide! Are you a bride to be? Would you love everything on here? Or are you over all the brides to be in your life, and thankful to not have to continue searching for the perfect present for them? Either way, leave us a comment and tell us!


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