Our Commitment to Sustainability

Pink Flamingo Party Co. pledges to have the smallest environmental footprint possible.

At Pink Flamingo Party Co. we use the highest quality natural rubber latex from sap that has been tapped in a smilier manner to the extraction of maple syrup - a process which has no harmful impact on the health of the rubber tree.

This process is considered green due to the millions of kilograms of carbon dioxide the trees absorb from the Earth’s atmosphere every year.

All latex used in our products is an ultra-low nitrosamine blend and our balloon distributors’ suppliers of latex are certified Carbon Neutral and are members of the Forest Sequestrian Council, which maintains that all latex is harvested using internationally-agreed upon principles of good forest management.

We practice and advocate for all balloon companies to practice smart balloon principles: keep balloons secured to a weight, do not release in the air, and properly dispose and recycle deflated or popped balloons and packaging.

We proudly sell biodegradable balloons that are made here in the USA by women-owned businesses.