Pink Flamingo Party Co. Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Does anyone else have super fond memories of opening up their stockings on Christmas morning? We love a good stocking, and this year we wanted to show you some of our favorite stocking stuffers from our site as well as from others!
1: We are absolutely OBSESSED with these Crayon Rocks! These gorgeous crayons are not only made in the USA, they also are specifically designed to help strengthen your child's tripod grip muscles, helping prepare their hands for writing.
2: These bright and fun Grammar Pencils are a cute way to get those gentle reminders in while at school.  These pencils are detailed with beautiful gold foil and are made in the USA.
3: Fins up with this super cute Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar from Lush. We love that it isn't just a regular bath bomb, but a super moisturizing and bubbly experience!
4: Start a new family tradition with The Christmas Card Game. Similar to Uno, with a big Christmas twist!
5: This Space and Robots mini coloring book is sure to make anyone smile. This 5x7 size is perfect with the stocking, and it comes with 5 colored pencils so your child will be ready to color!
6: Perfect for teething or comforting to "boo-boos" this Shark Ouch Pouch is awesome for those harder to fill infant and toddler stockings.
7: Maybe you have older kids or teens on your stocking list, or maybe in this wild Covid Christmas time, gift cards simply make more sense to you. Make the gift cards stand out a bit by putting them in these gift card boxes.
8: Cute and small, this fun washi tape is another fun option for the teens in your life.
We can't wait to see what all of our favorite party people buy to put in their stockings this year! Comment below with your favorites!
Stay Rad!


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  • Julie

    Love this! Already bought the crayon rocks and NEED that mermaid tail bubble bar!!

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