The Best of 2021

We have gathered the best of 2021.  It has been an awesome year celebrating with you all and we have gathered the Top 5 balloon installations of 2021.  A few thing go into picking the top balloon displays of the year, but here is a little bit of insight of how we arrived with our final picks.

Theme - If you know us well, you know we love a good theme.  A good theme can go a long way and loud color palettes are a favorite at Pink Flamingo Party Co.

Popularity - If we posted this balloon garland or balloon installation on Facebook or Instagram and it was requested by other clients over and over again or received hundreds of likes - we know its a fan favorite.

Joy Factor - Here at Pink Flamingo Party Co. we are all about bringing people joy.  If it was a celebration that touched our hearts or brought tons of joy - the balloon garland or installation is going straight to the top for the best of 2021.


5. My Super Sweet 16 
We are truly obsessed with pink!  It is a color that has brought us happiness for years and speaks to our souls.  When Amazing Celebrations asked us to put together an over the top balloon garland featuring all the pinks and chromes we were in love.  

balloon garland at Connecticut sweet 16, pink and silver balloons, CT balloons, West Hartford balloonsballoon garland for sweet 16 with marquee letters

Photography | @Schwalbsphoto
Event Design | @AmazingCelebrationsLLC


4. Peter and Lisa's Wedding
A lot of the times we get asked - "Do you offer indoor balloon installations?" and for awhile, we were confused by the question; we realized it was because we don't often feature balloons indoors on our social media pages.  This is because we want to be super respectful of people's homes and their private spaces.  Celebrations are sometimes very personal and we want  those people to enjoy those moments privately.  For our number 4 feature we received professional photos for this wedding, but we never shared them.  We were incredibly honored to be able to celebrate Peter and Lisa on their special day. Our friend and event planner Sarah Brehant planned a vow renewal for her mom Lisa and husband Peter.  Peter has early onset Alzheimer's and his wife Lisa is his caregiver.  We encourage you to read about their love story and their journey.

a bride and a groom slicing a piece of cake after their wedding ceremony featuring balloons in peach and burnt orange and a floral piece attached to the balloon garland

cake on top of small antique-style table, large balloon garland, clustered balloons with floral spray on a circular arch.  Wedding setup for a cake cutting - balloons are peach and burnt orange. Space features large windows and open brick walls.


Photography | @DanBrehantPhotography
Event Design | @Brehant_Creations

3. Black and White Graduation 
The most requested balloon installation this year goes to this black and white beauty.  We have never seen so many people want this exact setup.  We were happy to be able to install this balloon garland for an at home graduation celebration.  Only a couple of people were able to see this graduate walk the stage in person due to COVID so the majority of the family celebrated at home waiting for the grad to arrive home to all celebrate together.  This was a cold and windy morning, that ended up turning out to be a beautiful day.

 black, white and gold balloons clustered to make a balloon garland on a front porch of a house.  Balloons feature gold mylar starbursts balloons and large 2021 balloons in gold

2. Donut Crazy
Go Crazy for donuts.  There are 2 things that have never let us down in life.  Rainbows and Donuts.  We were so ecstatic to do this over the top balloon installation for one of our favorite donut shops in town.  This post was the most saved, shared and viewed for 2021.  We are so happy so many people got to enjoy this balloon art and we were so happy with the amount of tags we received so we could see all who enjoyed it.

purple, pink, goldenrod, yellow, lime green, and blue balloons clustered to make a balloon garland in front of a retail donut shop in Connecticut.  Balloon garland has large pink frosted donut balloons attached with sprinkles, along with silver starburst balloons


1. Pink Flamingo Party Co. West Hartford
Instagram has spoken.  Our most liked Instagram photo of 2021 - here she is in all her glory.  We are still not quite sure if this received so many likes because we were finally open or because the balloons looked EPIC, but either way we are incredibly proud we were able to open our first brick and mortar in 2021.  While this is a photo of an awesome balloon installation that we LOVE, it also represents how far our business has come and the opportunities we have in front of us.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us online and in-person.  To the people who have referred us, said our name in rooms full of opportunities, given us advice, lended an ear.  To the hands who spent hours building in the shop to make this happen - we love you. We are looking forward to the people who we have yet to meet, the friendships we cannot wait to form and the celebrations that are in the year to come.   Come celebrate with us for our grand opening on January 13th for a Disco themed opening. 2:30 pm is the ribbon cutting and 3:30 - 7 pm is the Sip, Disco & Shop.  RSVP at We can't wait to party with you!


Connecticut Balloons, Storefront of CT party store Pink Flamingo Party Co, Over the top pink balloon garland 


 Stay Rad



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