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Engaged AF Gold Balloon Garland - a balloon garland made of gold colored balloons spelling out the phrase 'engaged AF' assembled on a line of twine and wall hung in a large radius

Engaged AF Balloon Garland

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Engaged AF!! These gold balloons are a great addition to any event!!

Our garland balloon banners are easy to inflate and hang at at any event. Each balloon contains a tab to be inflated and string to be hung like a banner.  You can also tape the tabs back and tape these letters to the wall.

All balloons are self-sealing, re-fillable and can stay inflated for weeks depending on the environment they are in!

Each Package Contains:
- 14” Gold Mylar Balloons Spelling 'ENGAGED AF'
- Made of quality Mylar Foil
- Hanging Twine included
- Straw for Balloon Inflation
- Balloons are shipped flat 
- These balloons are air-fill only and will not float with helium

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