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4 Part LIVE Balloon Workshop Series - Starting Your Own Balloon Business!

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Thanks for your interest in our 4 part series!!  When you purchase this 4 part class package, you will receive a $25 discount reflected below.

This includes the following 4 LIVE classes:

  • Business Foundations
    • This class will cover the business side on where to start- from licenses, insuring your business, to software. This is a fundamental foundation class.

  • Purchasing For Your Business
    • This class will cover where to purchase and what to purchase to start making a profit ASAP. We will specifically cover the easiest selling items. It will also cover stock and inventory.
  • Product Pricing
    • This is the MOST sought after class! I will teach you exactly how to price your items so you can start making a profit and watch your business take off! This class will also exclusively receive our excel cost forms.
  • Marketing Your Business
    • This class will teach you how to market your business so you can start getting clients and making money.

Each class is 45 minutes and includes a Q&A session.  A live link will be sent prior to each class.

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